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  • Please note that the total of participants in each program is reflected in the sign-ins. Please note that this annual report does not reflect December numbers.



The total amount of finances collected from rentals is: $25,254.64 (December 2018 pending)


Youth Programs:

The Harambee Programs and activities has had a total number of 13,708 participants sign-in for 2018

Recreation: 9,940 –

Cultural: 1,108-

Social/Interpersonal: 1,680 –

Educational: 752

Music Studio and Recording: 124

African Drumming: 104


Community Programs:

Total number of times members utilized Harambee Community Programs: 2,448 -

Educational & Employment: 1,096 –

Community Advocacy: 328 –

Cultural Programs: 1,024 –


Number of Community Service Workers throughout the year: 120




  • Fixing mold in basement - pending

  • Repairing and patching gymnasium floor – on-going

  • Re-organizing supply and library room

  • Installing storage compartment in basement gym

  • Installed new locks for the building

  • Organizing and inputting basement shelving – for storage

  • Organizing game equipment room – pool table donated

  • Upgrade computer lab security system

  • Construction of writer’s workshop/poetry room

  • Improvement of music/recording studio

  • Replacement of locks on side doors

  • Development of Adult Programs - Pending

  • Completion of Writer’s Workshop/Poetry Room

  • Installing basement security – locked pending clean-up

  • Installation of portable sound booth for recording studio – donated equipment

  • Installation of projector and screen for computer lab - donated

  • New equipment for recording studio: microphones, stands, drum machines - donated



  • 7 Advisory Harambee Board Meetings

  • 2018 Youth Count

  • 10 Alternative ESL Classes

  • Harambee Juneteenth Award

  • WCSU Clean Up Day, April 20th

  • Mental Health Workshop, May 2018 for Mental Health Awareness

  • NAACP Breakfast Fundraiser

  • Community Forum Participation with Danbury Chief of Police

  • Community Outreach at Rogers Park Neighborhood Block Party

  • Harambee Advisory Board Annual Picnic

  • Staff Training on Youth Trauma and Addiction facilitated by the CT Women’s Consortium

  • Community Outreach at Beaver Street Annual Party

  • Harambee Back to School Drive

  • Masonic Eagle Award Ceremony – Harambee Board Member

  • Housing Workshop – Assisted 12 Harambee Family Members apply for Section 8

  • Arts Impact Life Award given to Harambee for dedication of creative arts positively impacting youth

  • 3 UCONN Nutritional Programs (September, October, November)

  • Community Outreach with political candidates (Julie Kushner and Jahana Hayes)

  • Outreach for Holiday Toy Drive: Wooster School, Action Together CT, Ridgefield MCL Toy 4 Tots

  • Parent Sponsored Pizza Friday Nights

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